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How to Post

How to Post in Tell Me About

1. First enter your Name, E-mail Address and then in the message box enter your Blog / Website URL and click the send button.

2. I will send you the invitation to join this website ( You have to check your G-mail inbox for this.

3. Once you received the e-mail you just click the Accept button in the Gmail and the link will take you to the blogger Dashboard, where you see the website listed with other blogs where you're the owner of the blogs.

4. Now go to New Post, before that type the New Post heading in the WordPad just copy and paste that heading the Title of the website box.

5. Now come to the Text Editor below the text Box. See this below picture for more clarity.
 First see the above picture twice for better understanding.

7. Enter Your Latest Post Title here. Which is the same as your Latest Blog Post Title of your Website. You must Insert Image for your post so that it will catch the eyes of readers in the Home of this Website

8.  Enter Meta Description within 156 words this description may be the same as your latest blog post of your blog or you can write different Meta Description to see how it works with Google SERP. In the text editor section write upto 200 words maximum and then give only one link in the Text Editor section either you can use ALT Text or Readmore or Continue Reading and give link to your post page. Only 2 links allowed per post. Don't give too many links and spam this site. Thanks for your understanding.

9. In the right hand side of your screen, you see Labels, First you see the Main Categories listed in this website Home Page, First you enter that category in the Labels Box, then followed by your post label which totally match your post title and also content of your post, then enter "Featured" this is very important because if you want your post to appear on the Home Page of this you have to give "Featured" in the Labels Box. Once you done that click "Done" button.

10. In the permalink section you see there are 3 things. One is URL of this Website. In that you have to give the same POST URL. For example see the below demo

Actually you will see the URL upto already there. You just type WordPress-Themes-Giveaway-Ready-Themes that's it .html is already there.

11. Now come to the Title Link : Where you've to give the exact URL of your latest post. You go to your website / blog. Click the latest post. Go to address bar of your browser, then just Copy that URL and paste it here in the Title Link Box and Click Done. Don't touch the Enclosure Link Box, leave this box as it is.

12. Now to come to last section of the post. In the Search Description Box where you have to write the same Meta Description of your Latest Post in your site or you can write different Meta Description here to see which is work for you in Google SERP. So it's your choice. But remember your Meta Description should be within 156 words.

Don'ts : 

1. Don't use Copyright protect images in this website. If you use, you're responsibility of consequences arising from it. Tell me about site noway connect to it. If any copyright holder of images or videos find their videos or images listed here in this site. Then that third-party should contact the post author directly. Don't contact Tell Me About site owner for this. We're no way responsible for it. If you want to remove your images or content or videos from this site you just send a mail to particular post author to do that. Don't send e-mail to publisher of this site. We no way give you any response on this. First of all we're not responsible for members posting, copyright images or videos or content on this site. Posts authors is the only responsible for their respective contents. If posts authors continuously posting copyright infringement videos, copyrights content or images then they will immediately removed from this site without prior notice. Any damages for the site will be fully borne by the posts authors who posted the copyrights content on this site. So before posting anything on this site, confirm that your content or videos or images not a copyright one.

Now you can start posting in this website

Hope you understand everything properly here. If you have any doubts or clarification then you can send e-mail to or follow me on Google+ and post your query there.
Thank you.

  1. Last but not least : Before posting anything here in this blog, first migrate your Blogger Profile to Google Plus Profile immediately then start blogging. 
  2. Go to Google+ Profile of yours and then go to About Page click edit and enter the URL of this website in all the links provide there (including Contributor section) of Google+, then click save changes. Once you done that go to Google Rich Snippet Tool and check with Google+ Authorship is working perfectly for this blog. Thank you. If you need any help on this send email to