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This site is now open for advertisements. The site has an Alexa Rank of 51,000.

The countries where most visitors come from include India, USA, UK, France, Germany, Europe, Pakistan, Dubai, Singapore and Australia.

This site is Muti-Niche High Quality Content Site.

Why advertise on my site

We give first preference to high-quality content in terms of Blogging, SEO, News, Giveaways, Finance, Education, Travel and Tourism, Technology, Health, Sports, Food, Real-estate, LifeStyle, Jobs, Entertainment, etc., (No illegal sites, porn sites, gambling or gaming sites allowed here)

You can advertise on following thing.

1 Business Offer
2 Rentals
3 Buying and Selling of Houses
4 Flats Purchase and Sales
5 Individual House Purchase and Sales
6 Tours and Travel
7 Employment Ads (Manpower Consultancies and Employers in Chennai and other states of India)
8 You can promote your Website
9 You can promote your blog.

By advertising on, you can reach a wide range of audience interested audience will visit your site

How to advertise

If you wish to advertise then here are some possible ways you can advertise on my site.

Banners on the right hand side in sidebar such as

  1. 468x60 – Header Banner (You can design your banner and give to us)
  2. 300x250 Sidebar - 1st Ad Unit (You can design your banner and give to us)
  3. 300x250 Sidebar - Last Ad Unit (after that Live Traffic Widget) (You can design your banner and give to us)
But price is the same for all the ad units for 1 year, 2years and 3 years respectively.

The above is general options for giving advertisement in this website. You can pay via PayPal account in the sidebar. (Widget)

Note : Before giving advertisement in this website, please send confirmation e-mail and also date of payment and your requirement etc. Once I confirm the ad placement is available then you can pay the money via paypal. Thank you.


If you want to put Banners within a post – you can add a banner within the post

Sponsored Posts – Sponsor an Existing post - Related and must be useful to our site readers. Check all the niche before giving advertisement on this website. For this you have to contact me directly via e-mail

Product Reviews – if you have a product that you think might be useful to travellers and you wish me to write a review and then I can take a look and write an honest review. Or you can provide an article about the product. Remember it has to be travel related product.

Others – video advertising, affiliate advertising

If you wish to discuss other advertising methods not listed here then feel free to get in touch. I’m open to new and innovative advertising ideas.
Pricing and payment method

Get in touch, we can discuss.

PayPal – It’s easy and no gimmick unless you have other ideas.

Thank you

Perambur Kumar.

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