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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To Complain Against Overcharging Chennai Auto 18004255430

First of all not even single auto driver in Chennai following the Auto Fare Tariff announced by the Tamilnadu Government in 2013. Around 95% of the autos running in Chennai not installed Tamilnadu Government Electronic Fare Meters. Another important thing day by day auto drivers threatening the passengers with extra-fare. So passengers in Chennai suffered a lot. Some of the auto drivers also behaving like rowdies. So these innocent passengers don't know what to do in those situations? and how to complaint against these rowdy auto drivers. So here is the solution for this never ending problem.

Autos running in Chennai Metropolitan area, keeping in view the above representations and accordingly, the Government direct the State Transport Authority to fix the
rates of fare for contract carriage auto rickshaws plying in Chennai
Metropolitan area as Rs.12/- per Km, the minimum fare as Rs.25/- for the
first 1.8 Kilometers, the waiting charges as Rs.3.50 for every 5 minutes and
the night charges from 11.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m. as 50% etc. of the total fare
calculated at the above rate. Paragraph Courtesy : Tamilnadu Government

Never Give Extra Fare!!
 Lodge a Complaint 
Over-Charging Auto Drivers Now
Them to Put Meter.
It's Your Right!!! 

Chennai Auto Fare

How to Give Complaint Against Overcharging Auto Drivers

Here are the steps to follow to lodge a complaint against these arrogant auto drivers.
  1. First of all, before lodging a complaint against any auto driver. First note the Auto Driver Name and the Auto Registration Number clearly (which is behind the auto driver seat) and write down in a piece of paper or save it in your mobile phone and also take a photo of the auto registration number and auto driver face with your cell phone camera. This is very very important because this the right proof to the traffic police suppose if you're ask to come directly for the detailed enquiry. Now starts the complaint process. I will explain you how to do it perfectly.
  2. Remember the minimum charge only Rs.25 that too for 1.8Km. So be aware of that always. If they ask for Rs.30, Rs.40 or Rs.50. Then don't hesitate. Take your cell phone and lodge a complaint immediately and also try to record the auto man speech completely. So that you can show the audio recording to the respective traffic police to get the remedy. This is the only way you can stop those auto drives from over-charging. Otherwise it's very difficult to stop them. 
  3. Take your cell phone and type the following number : 18004255430. This Automatic Free Service to lodge overcharging complaint against autos in Chennai
  4. For Tamil Language - Press 1
  5. For English Language - Press 2
  6. After pressing the language option. You'll be redirected to BIP Sound. Where you have to lodge the complaint against the overcharging autos.
  7. After a BIP sound. Tell your Name, Place, Auto Driver Name (if you noticed it correctly) or just give Auto Registration Number. Finally tell your complaint. From which place to which place you traveled. How much that auto driver charged? and What is the real fare for that place.
  8. I personally request all the auto passengers before lodging a complaint. First confirm the exact fare from your place to that place. Here is the Auto Fare Calculator. Check this website for exact Auto Fare from One Place to Other Place in Chennai.

Chennai Auto Fare Card

Chennai Auto Fare Breakup

After checking the exact fare with the help of the above Auto Fare Calculator now you're almost ready to lodge a complaint. Never hesitate to complaint against over-charging autos. Never fear to complaint against over-charging autos in Chennai. Because your fear and hesitation is their advantage. I mean the auto driver's advantage. They never learn their mistakes, they again and again doing the same mistakes and the innocent passengers always suffer a lot by them. Suppose still you're not getting remedy or no response for your complaint. Then immediately lodge a complaint in Tamilnadu Chief Minister Special Cell. Visit this website to lodge a complaint.
Here is the link for raising complaint.

If you like this post then consider sharing with your social media friends. Also share this information to your friends and relatives. I request you to save this above complaint phone number : 18004255430 in your mobile phone. Because you don't know when you going to lodge a complaint against the over-charging auto drivers. It may be today or tomorrow. Be prepared for any circumstances. 

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