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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Madras High Court Case Status Information and Judgement

It's easy to know to your pending case status information. Sometimes your advocate is out of station or busy with some other cases. So it's very hard for them to inform your case update to you in time. Another thing unless they go to your court (where your case is pending) and go through the court record and see the status and also next hearing date. It's almost impossible for them to give the exact information about your case to you. But now, you need not wait for your advocate to inform the status of your suit. You can go to this website and type your case number you can get all the information related to your case for free. See the below picture for better understanding.

Madras High Court Case Status Information and Judgement

How to Find Your Case Status Information

Please follow the steps listed below to get the full information about your case. 
  1. Select Your State from the Drop Down Menu
  2. Select Your District from the Drop Down Menu
  3. Court Establishment
  4. Case Type
  5. Case Number
  6. Year in which the case has been filed
So after selecting all the required boxes now click Go button. You will get all the details about your case.

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